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ResMed Australia

ResMed CPAP Machines And Masks
ResMed is the leading manufacturer of CPAP equipment, and provides some of the best and most popular CPAP machines available today. If you are looking to get a new machine, CPAP Online Australia’s range of ResMed sleep apnea machines includes everything you need to have a great CPAP experience, including masks, machines and accessories.
Who Makes ResMed CPAP Machines?
ResMed first began its journey in Australia. Established in 1989 by Peter Farrell, the brand was created with the goal of commercialising a device capable of treating OSA. Specifically, this device was developed by Professor Colin Sullivan in 1981, at the University of Sydney. It was considered to be the first successful, non-invasive sleep apnea treatment.

Only a year after its inception, ResMed relocated to San Diego, California. The company continued to expand and develop leading solutions to OSA symptoms, consistently improving their products.

Today, the ResMed brand, standing for Respiratory Medicine, manufactures equipment related to the treatment of a range of sleep related respiratory conditions. The company operates in approximately 100 countries throughout the world, and manufactures equipment in Australia, as well as the United States, France, and Singapore.
How Much Does a ResMed CPAP Machine Cost?
Regarding ResMed machines, CPAP Online Australia are proud to offer an extensive range of the best products available, with great pricing and free shipping within Australia on all orders from our store. If you are looking to get a machine for sleep apnea, ResMed CPAP machines such as the AirMini and 10 AutoSet are some of the most loved amongst CPAP users. Furthermore, machines like these offer extensive features such as humidification, advanced ease of use, ramp up technology, gender specific algorithms and more, even in a travel friendly form.

ResMed manufacture machines across varying price ranges, ensuring that you can have an optimal CPAP experience across multiple price points. Check out our ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet package deal to get a great bundle that includes everything you need, with free accessories and at a significant overall discount.
How Long Do ResMed CPAP Machines Last?
As a leading manufacturer of CPAP equipment, the ResMed brand manufacture products at an extremely high level of quality – an example of this is the AirSense AutoSet 10, which has a solid build quality and includes premium features such as heated humidification and an advanced algorithm.

With manufacturing facilities in Australia and around the world, you can be sure that you are getting a reliable device – for extra protection, standard and additional warranties will ensure that you can use your device for years to come.

With this being said, the general recommendation surrounding CPAP device replacement is every 3 – 7 years. Doing so will allow you to receive a consistent and effective OSA therapy experience, and ensures that you can take advantage of the latest technology available.

Browse our range of ResMed CPAP equipment today for the best online shop experience – free shipping on all orders within Australia, convenient bundle deals, and great price points are just some of the benefits of shopping with us.

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