Autumn Air Sale: Take $100 Off Any Machine

Plus a free cleaning kit with every ResMed AirSense 11 and Löwenstein Prisma20A package.


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Travel Machines

The problem with CPAP machines is that they are impossible to travel with. Travelling with a CPAP machine is difficult, as it can be heavy and bulky. It also requires the use of various power sources depending on where you are staying.

You need your sleep apnoea machine when traveling to make the most of your work trip or holiday. The Travel CPAP Machine solves all these problems by being lightweight and compact, allowing you to travel freely without having to worry about your sleep apnoea.

Travel CPAP Machines make traveling easy again. These lightweight machines are designed specifically for travellers who use them often. With these devices, you’ll never have to worry about finding a place for your equipment or worrying about it working properly in different countries or voltages. It’s all in one compact device! This small device allows you to treat sleep apnoea while travelling without any hassle or discomfort!

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