Sunrise Sleep Diagnostic Home Sleep Test

Get your sleep metrics checked with Sunrise Home Sleep Test, certified for Sleep Apnoea.


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Recycled sensors
& prepaid envelope.


Guaranteed clinical report
for your specialist doctor.

The accurate
and easy wireless home sleep test.

Our 3-gram sensor shows unprecedented performance when compared with in-lab sleep studies1.

This is the only wireless sensor to offer accurate measurement of respiratory effort and key clinical indicators for doctors to establish sleep apnoea diagnosis.

  • Apnoea-hypopnea
  • Sleep fragmentation UNIQUE
  • Exact sleep duration UNIQUE
  • Respiratory effort UNIQUE

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Download the App, attach the 3-grams sensor and you're ready to go!


Super convenient

No nights at the hospital, no cables or electrodes. Take the test yourself at home.


Incredibly fast

Fixed in just 1 min, with an accurate diagnosis available in the App the next morning!


In 3 clicks, share your diagnosis with one of our sleep specialists to quickly receive the treatment that suits you best.


Each sleep test is a homemade disposable device. This
is made in Belgium with all our heart!


Sunrise is certified by the standard ISO 13485 as a
medical device.

"I don't regret trying this out. I got an appointment with a sleep specialist just 3 days after the test and finally got a treatment for my sleep apnoea."

Ready to experience
a good sleep?

What you get

  • Your disposable sensor(s)
  • Sunrise App
  • Measuring tape for neck measurement
  • Additional adhesive (especially for bearded people)
  • Prepaid envelope for returning your device
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual

Why multiple disposable
tests instead of a reusable product?

Focusing on single use has allowed us to make our device light, affordable and easy to use. In just one night, your healthcare professional gets all the data they need for a complete diagnosis.

Keen on getting a more detailed analysis over several nights? Get up to 3 sleep tests to receive an extensive picture of your sleep, or follow-up on your sleep apnoea progress after receiving treatment.

Will the sensor stay
on my chin all night?

The Sunrise device is equipped with a medical adhesive that resists even the most dynamic night movements. The kit includes extra adhesive strips for covering and securing the device on your chin.

Recommended for

  • Bearded people
  • People with especially restless sleep
  • People worried the device might fall off
  • Young children

I take care of
my health
and I look after
the Earth

At Sunrise, we are concerned with current global events so we recycle each device sold. All our kits contain a prepaid envelope so that you can easily send us your used tests without queueing at the post office.

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