Löwenstein Prisma20A Automatic CPAP with PrismaAQUA Humidifier


Product Description

State of the art technology combined with a graphical user interface ensures that continuous pressure adjustments are made to exactly meet the patients’ needs, and maximise their response to the therapy.

The improved oscillatory pressure signal (FOT) ensures breathing comfort by distinguishing accurately between central and obstructive apnea. Permits precise identification of hypopnea, snoring, RERA and flow limitations. High degree of therapy flexibility, with the option of combining APAP and CPAP modes with the pressure relief soft PAP. CPAP operating pressure range 4-20hPa.

The soft start function, continuous therapy and mask feedback, along with heated breathing tube, which reduces noise, all add to patient comfort. The unit is designed for continuous operation and has a warning alarm in the event of a leak or disconnection. Maintenance free and easy to operate, the unit can be controlled remotely via LAN. Therapy data in high resolution is presented for 14 days and statistics can be stored for a year.

Major features of Lowenstein Prisma 20A:

  • Reliable technology (FOT) distinguishes obstructive sleep apnoea from central sleep apnoea
  • With pressure relief softPAP
  • High resolution therapy data for 14 days and detailed statistics for 365 days
  • Improved compliance, thanks to comfort functions such as  softSTART, autoSTART-STOP and therapy feedback
  • Integrated tube heating prevents condensation in tube and mask
  • Solid construction made to last.
  • Lung Volume reporting
  • Deep Sleep indication
  • Respiratory instability reports
  • External Modem not included but available for additional cost

Also included with the Löwenstein Prisma 20A:

  • prismaAQUA – The humidifier prismaAQUA is used with a therapy device to treat patients who complain of dry upper airways or cold respiratory air.
  • prismaBAG – prismaBAG is high-quality and compact. Because the bags were designed to match the shape of the prismaLINE devices exactly, they are surprisingly easy to handle even when filled with device, tube system and humidifier.

This German Brand is tried and trusted in all of Europe.


  • ARTG ID: 326866
  • Product name: Home CPAP unit
  • Sponsor: Lowenstein Medical Australia Pty Ltd
  • Manufacturer: Lowenstein Medical Technology GmbH Co Kg

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