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Our start of winter sale includes discounts on all major machine brands.  ResMed, Sefam and Löwenstein included.

Bundle a machine and any mask of your choice to save. 

CPAP Resource Centre

For all your CPAP resource needs, whether you are interested in free sleep apnoea and CPAP therapy tips and tricks, product reviews, or are looking for CPAP product manuals.


How to register your ResMed product on SleepVantage for Australian patients.


Have a recalled Philips machine? Your Replacement / Refund options explained.


Philips Recall 2021 – Philips advises potential health risks for CPAP, BiPAP devices and mechanical ventilators.

The Best CPAP Deals in Australia

We offer the best deals on CPAP machines and masks and brands in Australia. With a range of treatment options for sleep apnea, comprehensive package deals, the ability to shop by brand and convenient shipping options, you won't find a better CPAP experience.

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What CPAP Machines Can Do For You

When it comes to sleep apnea machines, CPAP is a fantastic option that could change your life. Using a continuous positive airway pressure machine, CPAP creates an airflow that flows through tubing and a CPAP mask, ensuring that your airway does not collapse throughout the night. If you snore, suffer from fatigue, or experience any other symptoms of sleep apnoea, CPAP therapy could be the solution for you.

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